Note: Negative industries listed in Terms & Conditions are not allowed






General Document Requirements
  1. Project Businesss Plan (including number of employees & construction plan/schedule)
  2. NTN Certificate Copy
  3. Undertaking of clean bank record and resolution to meet financial needs of the project
  4. Letter of intent (incase of installments)
  5. Undertaking to comply with environmental laws
  6. Undertaking to start construction within three months of possession
  7. Copies of CNIC (NADRA) of all of the directors/partners/proprietors. Passport incase of foriegn national director(s)
  8. Installment plan on legal stamp paper along with post dated cheques (incase of installments)
  9. One passport sized latest pictures of all directors/partners/proprietors with white background (25mm x 45mm)
  10. Resolution of directors/partners/persons to purchase plots and authorized director/partners/persons to sign all documents related to booking of plots
Additional documents incase of company
  1. Certificate of incorporation
  2. Copy of memorendum & Articles of association duly attested by SECP & Company
Additional documents incase of partnership firm
  1. Copy of partnership deed & form C for registration of firm
Additional documents incase of Join Venture
  1. Copy of joint venture agreement


  1. Please complete all sections contained herein, An incomplete Application Form shall not be accepted.
  2. All information provided shall be dealt in strict confidence
  3. Follow the metric system for all units of measurement, Pak Rupees (Rs.) for monetary and HS (harmonized system for product codes related to import/export/re-export).


  • Application for allotment of plot will not be accepted, if the applicant has any conflict/issue or is in litigation/default or has any pending dues related to plot in any industrial estate of PIEDMC.
  • Failure to submit any prescribed document(s) may result in delay in processing, unless the cause is notified.
  • Plots being limited, will be sold on First Come First Served basis or balloting where required.
  • All undertakings to be submitted on judicial paper duly attested by Oath Commissioner / Magistrate.


  Slaughter Houses
  Brick Kiln
  Manufacturing of Inorganic Chemicals
  Metal Smelters
  Hazardous Dyes Manufacturing
  Poultry, Hatchery and Protien Making
  Stone Crushing & Pulverizing
  Hot Mix Plants/Battery Smelting
  Tobacco Industries & Others
  Sulpheric Acid Production
  Any Other Industries from time to time as notified



  • At the time of deposit of full payment an Allotment Letter will be issued and an Agreement to Sell will be executed in favor of Allottee(s). Final Sale Deed shall be executed after obtaining a Completion Certificate from PIEDMC.
  • The Allottee may at any time before the execution of the final Sale Deed in its favour can transfer the plot(s) to any third party after paying the requisite Transfer Fee as levied by BOD, PIEDMC from time to time and after obtaining No Objection Certificate (NOC) from PIEDMC and only after the full price of the Plot has been paid. However, subsequent transferee shall be bounded by the same terms and conditions as per this form and policies of PIEDMC as amended from time to time.
  • Submission of booking form does not render entitlement to the rights of allotment, booking confirmation will be intimated subject to final approval.
  • PIEDMC reserves the right to reject any Application without assigning any reason thereof and in case the application is rejected deposited amount will be refunded.
  • The units established in Industrial Estates of PIEDMC are required to meet National Environmental Laws and standards and any other regulations set by the State.
  • Any change in Nature of Business and/or Line of Production shall be permissible only after obtaining approval from PIEDMC.
  • The Applicant(s) undertakes that the instant Pre-Conditions and/or any future Bye-Laws/Rules/Instructions/Policies, which PIEDMC formulates or issues from time to time shall be binding on him/them and shall be complied.
  • Any false or misleading information/statement may result in rejection of Application and/or cancellation of Allotment.
  • If area of the plot increases or decreases at the time of physical possession of the plot the price of the plot will be adjusted accordingly as per the rate on which plot is purchased.
  • Allotted plots can be mortgaged by the Allottee(s) with any Bank or Financial Institutions only after obtaining Permission to Mortgage from PIEDMC.
  • In case of demise of Allottee(s) after Allotment prior to execution of Agreement to Sell or final Sale Deed his/their legal heir(s), as declared by Court of Law shall be entitled to all rights available to Allottee(s) as the case may be. Such legal heir(s) shall be bound by the same terms and conditions and before entering into any supra-referred Agreement(s) shall give his/their similar undertaking(s).
  • In case, legal heirs as decided by the Court of Law, do not intend to carry on with the project after transfer of ownership in their name, they will be allowed to resell their plot within six (06) months from the date of transfer.
  • In any eventuality or violation of any terms and conditions of PIEDMC, PIEDMC shall have an exclusive right to re-posess plot from Allottee(s) at the price on which it was sold to him/them, after deducting, a penalty of 20% after recovery of any other outstanding liability(ies), dues and/or charges. Furthermore, the structure raised, or any other immoveable property thereon shall become the exclusive property of PIEDMC and shall stand transferred to PIEDMC.
  • Early possession and handover is possible at customer’s request, however, 75% original price of the plot should have been paid. Balance lump sum payment option is available.


Process Time for its Completion
Allotment Letter, Possession Letter & Agreement to Sell Issued after full payment of plot price
Physical possession of the plot Within 15 working days from date of Possession Letter
Submission of Map for Approval Within 03 Months from the date of Agreement to Sell
Start of Construction Within 06 Months from the date of Agreement to Sell
Completion of Construction Within 24 Months from the date of Agreement to Sell

Note:  If timelines given above are not observed, PIEDMC reserves the right to cancel the Allotment and repossess the plot at any stage and the structure raised thereon shall become the property of PIEDMC.


  • Construction shall commence within 06 months from the date of execution of Agreement to Sell and must be completed within 24 months from the date of execution of Agreement to Sell. In case the vendee has started construction within supra referred timelines but extended time is required due to certain requisites of the project, he may be given extended time subject to payment of Non Development Charges (NDC) and approval from PIEDMC, which will solely be the discretion of PIEDMC. Allottee shall be bound to take physical possession & execute Agreement to Sell within 15 working days of being intimated about the same by PIEDMC failing which PIEDMC reserves the right to cancel the allotment and subsequently re-possess the plot against refund of the price on which the plot(s) was purchased by Allottee(s) after deducting a penalty of 20% after recovery of any other outstanding liability(ies), dues and/or charges.
  • If the construction has not been started within 06 months after the execution of Agreement to Sell and/or the same is not completed within 24 months from the execution of Agreement to Sell or any extended timeline as approved by PIEDMC, PIEDMC reserves the right to cancel the Allotment after deducting a penalty of 20% after recovery of any other outstanding liability(ies), dues and/or charges. In case of cancellation of the plot for any reason whatsoever, any structure existing thereon shall stand transferred to and become the property of PIEDMC.
  • Management and Service or Operational and Maintenance or other charges shall be applicable as notified from time to time by PIEDMC.
  • Any violation of Pre-Conditions, Board of Directors decisions, bye-laws and /or building regulations of PIEDMC may result in cancellation and subsequent re-possession of the plot against refund of the price on which the plot(s) was purchased by Allottee(s) after deducting a penalty of 20% after recovery of any other outstanding liability(ies), dues and/or charges.


If by reasons of Force Majeure, PIEDMC is wholly or substantially unable to carry out its functions/obligations under instant Application, Booking Letter, Agreement to Sell or final Sale Deed, the Applicant(s) shall not be entitled to claim any rights or benefits against PIEDMC.

Force Majeure constitutes but does not limit to war, rioting, floods, earth quake, lightening, terrorist acts, political changes, civil commotion, blockade, insurrection, strikes, go-slow, tribal or ethnic conflicts, epidemic or plague, labor issues, legal restrictions, industrial disturbances or any other event beyond the control of PIEDMC.


100% Cash Payment
Plot size (acre) Full Size (PKR) Per acre / PKR
½ 13,300,000/- x
1 26,600,000/- x
2 52,000,000/- 26,000,000/-
3 76,000,000/- 25,330,000/-
4 98,000,000/- 24,500,000/-
10 acres & above x 25,500,000/-
  • - Discounted prices
  • - Priority plot allocation
  • - Priority possession
  • - Priority utility allocations


Plot size (acre) Full size (PKR) Per acre / PKR
½ 14,400,000/- x
1 28,000,000/- x
2 54,000,000/- 27,000,000/-
3 78,000,000/- 26,000,000/-
4 100,000,000/- 25,000,000/-
10 acres & above x 26,500,000/-
  • - 30% advance payment against Pay order / Demand draft in the name of PIEDMC
  • - 6 Equal installments for 24 months
  • - Plot shall be allotted only after completion of installments.

  • - Corner + front plots on 61m & 60m roads - 10% premium on above prices
  • - Front plots on 61m & 60m roads - 5% premium on above prices
  • - Final price may vary depending on actual physical ground measurement upon handing over of possession.


  • Payments shall be made via demand draft / pay orders in the name of the “Punjab Industrial Estate Development & Management Company”
  • All applications should be completed in all respect. Please do not leave any columns empty
  • Please attach all documents as per check list to ensure processing of your booking request
  • All applications are received on purely provisional basis and do not constitute a right to plot allotment
  • All applications shall be scrutinized by the PIEDMC PLOT allotment committee and if accepted shall be allotted a plot or application accepted
  • Installment plan applicants shall be processed, and a plot allocated for subsequent allotment, subject to payment clearance and acceptance of terms and conditions as determined by PIEDMC
  • All Terms & Conditions in the BOOKING FORM apply

*A hard copy of the original documents will be required to be deposited in person.

I Accept Terms & Conditions of PIEDMC

Application For Industrial & Commercial Land

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