“To create an environment with public-private partnerships for businesses to thrive and grow, while creating jobs, incorporating innovation, gender equality, sustainability, and concentrating on Eco Industrial towns with firm responsibility towards environment and communities.”


“PIEDMC aims to upgrade & develop more chains of industrial estates in Punjab, Pakistan by capitalizing on the existing strengths of our country, introducing new innovative ideas, and incorporating sustainability into our practices.”


The Punjab Industrial Estates Development & Management Company (PIEDMC) was formed with the vision to promote industrialization & enhance industry climate in the province of Punjab. PIEDMC follows a self-sustaining model with an aim to develop industrial estate in every District of Punjab Province.  PIEDMC is a company that was set up under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984(now Companies Act, 2017). PIEDMC is an autonomous, not-for-profit entity owned by the Government of Punjab and is run by a Board of Directors (BOD) composed of private sector industrialists and ex-officio members.  With an aim to promote industrialization in Punjab, PIEDMC was established with the mission to provide infrastructure for setting up factories, businesses and other facilities for industries that are looking at investing in Punjab. PIEDMC has 9 industrial estates fully functional in Punjab and is a successful PPP model.


Industrial Infrastructure

 To create a favorable atmosphere for sustainable growth of industry by development of industrial infrastructure all across the Punjab for carrying out smooth functioning of industrial enterprises.

Job Creation / Gender equality

 To Create productive employment opportunities.

 Motivate and empower Women entrepreneurship to build a future generation of women leadership

FDI /Exports

 To Increase FDI and forming agglomerations.

 To facilitate industrialists for mounting exports.


 Introducing new Technologies under Industry 5.0


  Building Partnerships & Collaboration

The organization aims to cultivate relationship building leading to mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations that can help us achieve our goals

  Economic Growth & Efficiency

For any economy to grow, it is essential that its industries thrive to meet national and global demands and create employment opportunities as well, ultimately uplifting the economy as a whole.

  ESG (Environment, Social, Governance)

Whilst progressing on all fronts, it is pivotal for us to ensure that all initiatives and steps that we take consider the impact it may have on the environment and society as a whole


The future is sustainable. We aspire to incorporate sustainability in all initiatives that not only help us increase our efficiency but also reduce the environmental impact.

  Diversity & Inclusion

PIEDMC aspires to be inclusive and propagate diversity in every aspect making it a place free of any bias and prejudice and help build a conducive working environment.

  Youth & Women Empowerment

A conscious effort shall be made to empower youth, especially women at all fronts to ensure that as PIEDMC progresses, so do the women and young minds associated with it.

  Integrity & Teamwork

The building blocks of any organization lie within the cohesion of its team members and the integrity with which they work and we aspire to build our new direction around these two qualities


Mr. Muhammad Anees Khawaja

With the growing demand of the industry, PIEDMC is trying to grasp new opportunities and implement new strategies to develop state of the art modern Industrial Estates. We would like to work with all stake holders to fortify collaboration and a healthier future for the industry. We have undergone various organizational transformations that embrace resourcefulness such as restructuring and coming up with new business ideas. This has empowered us to identify new opportunities. However, there is a lot more to be done. We remain fully devoted to our long term goals and strengthen ourselves in order to advance further. As a progressive, learning-centric development company we provide all mandatory amenities to the industrialists in a promised time by one window operations.
I feel proud to state that PIEDMC is adequately equipped to offer the best Industrial Estates with the help of committed team. PIEDMC will continue to make dedicated efforts to encourage industrial evolution and help improve living hood of labor class. I have a firm belief that Industrialist’s trust is our strength.


Mr. Ali Muazzam Syed

Punjab Industrial Estates Development and Management Company, over a period of time, has become a role model for other industrial infrastructure development organizations and has become a significant benchmark for industrialization in Punjab.
Our existing Industrial estates are aimed to encourage mobilization of technology in industrial sector and attract multi fold foreign investment. It is imperative that in order to become a part of the global market, the country must possess innovative manufacturing skills.
Punjab Industrial Estates Development and Management Company (PIEDMC) has been committed to build a strong foundation for steady industrial growth by developing fully equipped modern industrial estates in the province. These industrial estates have attracted investments of over Rs. 450 Billion including FDI of US$ 466 million and provided direct employment to over 200,000 persons.
PIEDMC plans to launch more industrial parks to expose small and medium industries to latest trends in technology by providing a platform in modern industrial parks. Through joint efforts of our valuable clients and Government’s support, we shall lead Punjab, and Pakistan, into a new dimension of industrial excellence and global participation.


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