Completion Certificate

Procedure for obtaining Completion Certificate

  • 1) Application for obtaining completion Certificate to be submitted after running factory for 3 months, along with following:
    • Three sets of as built drawings (Ammonia Prints with owners and architects signatures)
    • Soft Copy of as Built Drawings on CD
    • Clearance Certificate from EPD
    • Fire fighting equipment and network plan with certificate
    • Social Security registration certificate
    • EOBI registration certificate
    • Insurance registration certificate
    • Labour Welfare registration certificate
    • Electrical Industrial Design with sign/stamp by electrical engineer (PEC registered certificate)
    • Structure Stability Certificate (as per by-laws)
  • 2) Case will be scrutinised by BCD department of PIEDMC and visit of factory will be conducted
  • 3) After successful visit, case for issuance of completion certificate will be processed and approval will be obtained from the Competent authority.
  • 4) Completion certificate will be issued after approval by the legal department.

Application For Industrial & Commercial Land

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