Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to apply for a plot in an SEZ?

You can request for the SEZ application format which can be sent to you via courier or email. You also have the option to collect the same from any PIEDMC office located in Lahore, Rahim Yar Khan, Bhalwal, Vehari and Multan. Once your SEZ Application and its supporting documentation is ready according to checklist, you will submit it in PIEDMC office for review. After review and upon satisfaction, your SEZ Application is recommended for processing by our Technical Committee, then photocopy sets will have to be arranged alongside scanning offline for uploading online, through the SEZ application portal.
Please visit to register as a Zone Enterprise: https://sezmis_investgov_pk/sez/1

2. Who is eligible to apply for plot in the Special Economic Zones (SEZs)?

Only SECP registered, (Private Limited, Public Limited and SMC Pvt Ltd) companies are eligible to apply for an industrial plot in the SEZs

3. How much SEZ application processing fees is charged?

PIEDMC provides help and guidance to all its applicants through one window services without charging any processing fees

4. What utilities will be available by PIEDMC in its SEZs?

PIEDMC is responsible for development of infrastructure within the industrial zones/ estates and to provide utilities like: Electricity, Sewerage, Gas/ RLNG, Water and Telecommunication at the doorstep.

5. How will SEZs be managed and maintained?

PIEDMC shall fully develop and eventually hand over the day-to-day management of SEZs to private sector led Board of Management (BOM). This is usually done upon significant colonization or as decided by the Board of Directors (BOD) of PIEDMC. The BOD of PIEDMC shall nominate President and Members of the BOM from the resident owners of that specific SEZ. As per practice, the BOM shall function according to approved Rules of Business including levying and collection of monthly operations & management (O&M) charges

6. When is a plot handed over for possession in an SEZ?

Allotment & Possession of Plots in an SEZ will only be allowed after grant of approval from the SEZ Committee. According to rules, a Zone Enterprise will have to take possession and start construction of the unit within the first 06 months from the date of their SEZ Approval Notification. Customers who are on installment plan need to first pay and clear balance payment against plot.

7. Can I start construction on my plot while development works are going on?

Yes, PIEDMC will provide access to the plot and temporary electric connection to facilitate construction of industry concurrent with the development of the SEZ project.

8. What is the building construction period?

The Zone Enterprise must complete the project and commence commercial production within 24 months from the date of its SEZ Approval Notification, and it is mandatory to start construction of the factory within the first 06 months from the date of SEZ approval.

9. Are there any penalties in case of delay in construction?

Yes, fees/ penalties shall be levied if the production is delayed. Moreover, the plot allocation may be subject to cancellation/repossession if the Zone Enterprise fails to comply with the conditions stipulated in the approval notification.

10. Are the plots in an SEZ transferable?

Plots in SEZs are non-transferable; they can only be surrendered back to the developer, i.e.: PIEDMC

11. How much of the total plot area is to be covered in SEZ?

As per the rules, SEZ allotee's will have to cover and utilize 70 percent of the total plot area to construct the factory and its production related sections.

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