Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Quaid e Azam Business Park Located?

- QABP is located 25 minute’s drive from the Lahore M2 Toll Plaza?
- It is next to the City of Sheikhupura
- It has access from the M2 motorway from the front side and Lahore to Sheikhupura Road (N60) from the back side.
- A direct Interchange is being built for direct access from the M2
- A direct dual carriage way is being built for access from the Sheikhupura – Lahore road
- https://goo.gl/maps/HxPCTntusFnbyC4G6

2. Is skilled & unskilled labor available nearby?

- Yes. QABP is in close proximity to Sheikhupura city with a population of ½ million. A large industrial base exists, spread parallel to the Lahore-Sargodha Road (N60) and within 10-15mins drive time of QABP.

3. Will QABP have a labor colony ?

- Yes. A 200 acre block has been reserved for labor colonies right next to the Zone. PIEDMC will start work on its development as soon as demand arises.

4. What is the status of Utilities availability in QABP?

- PIEDMC is responsible to provide Electricity, RLNG, Water and telecommunication.
- The Price you are paying for the Plot includes provisions to provide you these services at your doorstep.
- A 220 Grid is under installation at QABP with a capacity of 350 MW load.
- A 32 MW line is already at the QABP doorstep.
- 65 mmcf RLNG line is deployed for QABP and operational

5. Is QABP a “Special Economic Zone” (SEZ)

- QABP was formerly QAAP (Quaid e Azam Apparel Park). It was notified as an “SEZ” in September 2019.
- After PIEDMC’s new management converted the park into a “multi purpose” Zone we were asked by BOI to re apply fresh for SEZ status.
- The QABP SEZ application is now under process again. However we expect all codal formalities to be completed well before possessions of plots commence.

6. What is included in the plot price?

- QABP has being designed as a SMART Economic Zone.
- PIEDMC shall provide Utilities within 96 hours of application including electricity, water and RLNG once infrastructure has been deployed.
- Provision of Multipurpose complex comprising of Trauma center, Provision stores, Industrial hardware stores, Bed & Breakfast Hotel, Emergency services, Factory Outlets are included
- Resident rest areas will be available for usage of Resident owners during the construction period of their projects.
- CETP provision is included in the QABP development program. However Pre-treatment conditions will apply to industries having treatable water discharges.

7. How will QABP be managed & maintained?

- PIEDMC shall develop and eventually hand over the day to day management affairs of QABP to a Private sector led Board of Management. The BOM shall be constituted by the PIEDMC Board of Directors from the resident owners of the QABP. A set Rules of Business will govern the day to day affairs of QABP.
- Monthly Operations & Management charges shall be applicable to business in QABP.

8. When will Plots be handed over for possession?

- Cash customers can take possession immediately if they desire subject to access status.
- Installment customers will be allotted a plot only after completion of minimum 6 installments.

9. What is the building period?

- Building period of 24 months shall be allocated to each allottee at the time of handing over of possession of plot.
- Incase of change of owner via Transfers, the building period shall not be automatically reset to 24 months but will remain as per original allottee agreed timelines
- Any further Building period extensions will need to be bought at cost.

10. Are there any penalties to delays in construction?

- Yes in case you delay construction over the 24 month you will be subject to a non-utilization charge.

11. Are the Plots transferable?

- Plots that have been paid for 100% can be transferred to any new owner at any time subject to payment of Transfer fees and no violation of terms and conditions of allotment policy.
- Installment plans applications are not transferrable.

12. Will the listed prices change?

- These prices are Prelaunch prices and subject to change as per the decision of the PIEDMC

13. How to apply for a Plot ?

- An application kit can be sent to you via courier
- You can collect the application kit from any PIEDMC office located in Lahore, RYK, Bhalwal, Vehari & Multan.
- You can visit the PIEDMC website at www.pie.com.pk for online application and further information.

Application Form For QABP


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PIEDMC Commercial Area (NORTH) Sundar Industrial Estate, Raiwind Road, Lahore.

City Office:

Plot No. 169/S, 3rd & 4th Floors, OWSC Building, Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estates, Kot Lakhpat, Lahore.

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